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The exact definition of “rape,” “sexual assault,” “sexual abuse” and similar terms differs by state. The wording can get confusing, since states often use different 

Prison rape

Prison rape refers to rape occurring in prison . It has come into common usage to refer to rape of inmates by other inmates, and less

Rape victim speaks out about attackRape victim speaks out about attack
It was a horrific rape case in March of 2009 in which the victim, a young Connecticut woman, was left for dead.

Whoopi On Roman Polanski – It Wasn't 'RapeRape'
It Wasn't 'RapeRape. By Lindsay Robertson. This morning on The View, the ladies took it upon themselves to untangle the Roman Polanski affair, because that's their job. In the process, we learned about Whoopi's strange and fascinating moral universe, which includes the concept of "raperape.".

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Rape in the Military is an “Occupational Hazard” « Motley News and ...Rape in the Military is an “Occupational Hazard” « Motley News and …

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Heather Koon Raped Babies At Ohio Daycare, Filmed At Least One …
She was trusted to take care of defenseless children, but now one Ohio daycare worker is accused of doing the unthinkable — and filming it.

A Natural History of Rape: Biological Bases of Sexual Coercion
Randy Thornhill, Craig T. Palmer, published 2001, 272 pages

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