Giving Voice To Jyotees Kainats, Suzette Jordans and Zainabs Of The World Rape and Murder of 7 Year old Zainab

  R I P little angel.

Giving Voice To Jyotees Kainats, Suzette Jordans and Zainabs Of The World.  Rape and Murder of 7 Year old Zainab has shocked Pakistani nation and beyond its borders.  Latest in the present tragedies from Kasur in Punjab is  a & year old girl named Zainab. A cas that has touched people all over the world.

Never before seen crowds, from all walks have come out on streets protesting against this evil, inhuman, vile crime committed. Artists and politicians have been pouring  their support for Zainabs parents.

For 7 year old Zainab’s family overwhelming support and critical look at the Punjab government came from all political parties, Artists, Media and Ordinary people. All spoke against lack and will of the government in solving the heinous crimes taking place in Punjab. Rana Sanaulla the law minister and Shabaz Shariff  Punjab governor had much to say but it’s a routine they go through almost daily same words, same sentences and same motions with years of practice well formed phrases. And they have now stock of cliches to go with their speeches in front of the cameras.

Kasur is an area we have been before. Same issues, rapes and murders of children have taken place. We have heard the same from the same people being acted out today for the benefit of the media.


Widely shown, second video surfaced today, according to media reports, that shows someone walking up and down outside the house the Zainab lived in.

Kasur is known for, sick gangs of paedophile rings. It is widely held belief that these people can not operate without the knowledge and cooperation of people in high places of authority.


What Next?

Another act from,well rehearsed Shakespeare tragedy.

Will we see Pakistan judiciary actually become active

CJP Mian Saqib Nisar “Chief Justice urges lawmakers to reform judicial system.” “Legislative inaction on reforms ails judicial system”

Will we see in our life time justice done?

Will we see legislative reforms?

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